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DX Monitor is a standalone Windows program which monitors the DX announcements
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This program allows you to monitor current DX traffic over the internet in real time and obtain graph, locate signals in the map, check strength, make statistics, create a record, etc. You can check DX summit, HB9DRV and cluster telnet servers all over the world. In the main window you will see the spots of signals DX Monitor is monitoring in real time. The columns you will see are Spotter, Frequency, DX, and Comment. You can see the properties for each spot with right click with the mouse and check spot history, location, distance, information, locate on Map, open map recent spots, locate on Google earth, and predict propagation. The icon buttons in the top are to get latest 25, 250, and 1000 spots, show map, make an announcement on internet, check latest announcements, see hot spots. You can save the grid of DX signals in a DX file. If you click in the "Show Map" button you will be able to see DX signals over the world. In the left you can select different band or all bands. In the Map menu you can modify colors for paths, spotter, width, path by frequency. In the Plot menu you can select different modes to plot, last 20 minutes, last hour, or automatic refresh, plot terminator for date, show all IBP beacons, transmitting beacons, and recalculate spot locations. With F5 you can refresh the map. Also you can see the flux and geomagnetic indexes in different modes: Table, graph, and cycle, you can get WWV signals from DX summit, and HB9DRV, obtain NOAA forecast, sunspot numbers, space weather, and historical solar flux data.

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  • You can locate each signal spot in the map, save them, and send alerts and messages


  • Trial version will work only for 30 days

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Is this the same thing as DX Monitoring which Eagle Consultancy does?

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